Personal Stylist

Personal Styling

Style isn’t about what you wear - it’s about who you are

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One On One Instore Styling

Going shopping doesn’t need to be overwhelming or daunting. The whole purpose of personalised styling conducted at Chadstone shopping centre is to make the shopping experience productive, enjoyable and educational. You’ll learn pointers about your body and how to best style your shape in the change-rooms as we shop your curated shopping list.

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Personal Styling Service


In-Home Wardrobe Styling

In-home Wardrobe Styling

Got lots of clothes but don’t wear them all? Or perhaps struggle to pull outfits together from the pieces you own? Well this service conducted in your home and in your wardrobe aims to fix these. Spending a few hours workshopping outfits and coming up with fresh outfits from your current wardrobe is a great way to maximise what you already own and during the process come up with key missing gaps in your wardrobe. From this you're armed with an actual shopping list of pieces your wardrobe needs not just what you think or want.

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How can I help

As a professional personal stylist, I have worked with clients from all over Victoria and across Australia to transform their wardrobe and the way they get dressed every day with renewed confidence. Every client I work with has their own story and reasons for seeking a little style help. You might be feeling one or all of these:

  • Feeling daunted with the amount of options when shopping
  • Unsure of what will suit your shape and investing in the right garments
  • Tired of wearing the same pieces and lacking versatility to mix and match
  • Struggling with pulling whole outfits solutions together

What I Offer

As a stylist with over 4 years instore experience and more than 20 years in the fashion industry, here's how I can help:

  • Offer a personalised shopping service
  • Pinpoint your personal style to create long lasting wardrobe changes
  • Shop with purpose focusing on your shape and style
  • Take the stress out of shopping and finding flattering pieces

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