I’m so busy I don’t have time to meet up for the style consultation?

Consultations can be done in person or via virtually via zoom. In person consultations are held at Industry Beans cafe at Chadstone.

Consultations are a very informal chat requiring no preparation. They run for an hour and during the session we will workshop your personal style.

Where do we meet for the shopping?

I work from Chadstone Shopping Centre. Usual meeting points are out the front of a department store or landmark which we will lock in during the consultation.

What if we go over time?

I’m a professional at time management. I’ll make sure that we adhere to the time allocated without compromising on any outcomes. We are both busy, so I know its important to stick to schedule.

I work full time…are appointments available on the weekends?

Yes definitely! I do consultations across the weekend and evenings however instore shops are best performed early in the week as the weekends are highly populated. Late night trade shopping trips are available if thats more suitable.

What happens if something comes up and I can’t make our appointment?

I understand that things can happen from time to time. Please get in touch with me as soon as you can. We can make alternative arrangements to reschedule.

When do I have to make payment?

Payment for any service needs to be made in full prior to our style consultation however if you would like a payment plan please let me know.

Payment can be made via direct bank deposit or credit card. After we lock in a time to meet and consult a tax invoice will be sent.

I’ve just had a baby, so my weight is fluctuating?

If you are a new mum or are going through weight change its best to wait until you’re at a stable weight. This doesn’t mean that you can’t book in your session with me now, so you have a goal to work towards.

Chadstone??? I can never find parking at Chadstone.

There are a few parking spots I can recommend if your not familiar with the centre that will enable you get a park.

I don't know what my style is or where to start?

This is exactly why you would engage the services of a personal stylist. I have a number of exercises I can do to determine what your personal style is and categorise it. This is a great first place to start as it will help us both to workshop and determine the styles we select for you.

How does the shopping actually work?

I pre-shop your shopping list before we meet and go shopping. This means that we will be going to stores scouted out specifically for you and the pieces you're looking to purchase for your lifestyle and budget. We visit stores together and I bring in garments on hold for you to try on.