Lessons in Layering

Lessons in Layering

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The 1st of June marks the beginning of another winter and the colder temperatures have also arrived on cue it would seem. It has us all reaching for those extra layers of clothing and accessories to stay warm and super cosy.

Every winter enables the indulgence of layering. Layering provides us the opportunity and the luxury of mixing textures more than in any other season. Cashmere, tweed, fleece, faux fur, corduroy and leather are just a few fancy fabrics that come to mind when exploring textures of the season. However as the temperature plummet’s; “fancy” tends to be overshadowed by the primal desire to keep warm.

Here are a few basic but no less effective ways to successfully incorporate layers and elevate your everyday looks

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if you want any advise on finding that “ideal” trench coat to invest in, leave me a comment below MM

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LAYERING A SHIRT- As shirts tend to get pushed to the back of the wardrobe as they are too lightweight, try adding a fine knit (crew or turtleneck) or skivvy underneath one. Not only does it add a layer of warmth , it also serves to add another element to your outfit instantly looking more polished. Finish off this look with a shoulder slung coat.

LAYERING A LONGER LINE- Layering with similar lengths is the smartest way to elongate your body. This could be in the form of a vest, boyfriend shirt or maxi cardigan. Longer lines work perfectly with a legging or ankle grazing trousers. If the weather permits ditch the boots for a slingback to expose a little skin and balance all the material going on.

LAYERING WITH TIGHTS AND SOCKS- Tights seem to go in and out of high end fashion but this year definitely has them on the what’s hot list. FendI, Gucci, even Adidas have done coloured print and pattern tights emblazened with their signature logo and the world went wild. Ensuring tights are the right fit for your legs so there is no awkward adjusting happening. A printed tight vamps up a solid colour smartly and a tight in general makes the most out of mini skirts and dresses. If tights aren’t your thang, why not try a sporty sock with a trainer or a mid calf sock with your kitten heels for an edgier style this winter.

If your looking for even more inspiration to successfully layer this winter, don’t forget the trusty favourites such as boots, scarves and beanies.

Layer knee high boots over or under your favourite straight or skinny leg pants. This season any boot length goes so work with your favourite ankle to thigh high styles.

Scarves are a stylish way to keep warm but also offer a great layering piece as they add colour and depth. They can also be worn in different ways to cleverly conceal areas of concern.

Beanies aren’t just for the ski slopes. Plan to incorporate into your outfit not just an afterthought running out the door or to grab a coffee first thing in the morning.


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