Tales Of A Trench

Tales of a Trench

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If you’re looking to fashionably step out of ISO then keep reading.

Sure…. living in a state of lockdown the past few months might have seen us all stack on a few extra kg’s and while they may be hard to shift never fear as one trusty piece of clothing will stylishly disguise those extra comfort food and wine sins.

Aptly name the “trench” it surely possesses powers similar to that of trench coat wearing cartoon Inspector Gadget. This autumn/winter sees this staple make a welcome return to the top of every fashionistas wish list and it’s for good reason.

The trench coat was first worn during world war one and it was named because it was quite literally worn in the trenches during a very bleak time for the world. Fast-forward to current days, which have also been dark, its powers have been retained.

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Here are my top 5 reasons to fall in love with the trench coat style this winter:

Regardless of colour or style, as long as the trench lapels are appropriate for your body shape, it will take any jean and t-shirt combo to another level of minimalistic chic.

Quicker than you can microwave a bowl of 2-minute noodles, wrap yourself in the belt that comes with the coat and it’s an automatic look of its own.

Practical for all seasons it’s a worthwhile year round go-to. Easy to layer with different knitwear textures in winter but even easier to throw over your shoulders under a summery dress on a balmy night out.

The coveted coat seen at nearly every international fashion week, you’re bound to see a bunch of fashionsta’s styling up a trench in the essence of their own personal style. From being worn with sneakers to stilettos and wearing with bucket bags and braids, we all take inspiration from their street style looks every year.

Ageless and timeless- it’s one of a select few pieces of clothing to transcend age and style. Why? Either tailored and double breasted or oversized with a manly silhouette, both offer a pared back sophistication with little effort.

if you want any advise on finding that “ideal” trench coat to invest in, leave me a comment below MM

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