The Only Pants to Own

The Only Pants to Own

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Denim has taken a backseat to leather this decade. In the 90’s it was blue denim jean but in the 2000’s, leather has cemented itself as the must have style to wear. Once reserved for the likes of supermodels going out after dark, the leather pant has since become a quintessential fashion favourite. From models to mere mortals, their ability to effortlessly achieving off duty looks is why the leather (or faux leather ) pant has to be the only one to own.

It’s a “big call” given leather pants can conjure up thoughts of sleazy, pvc dominatrix versions- its the polished, luxe styles that hang in the closet of fashionista’s or minimalist wearers that make the grade. Why? Leather pants offer an unrivalled versatility like no other pant EVER and instantly create a perfectly polished look or edgy vibe on ANY body.

Now versatile is one thing but they truly are a wardrobe staple. The term “staple” has been banded around in fashion for years but it’s been that many years since I’ve had my own trusty lambskin leather pair. Leather is a naturally warm fabric so they are the ideal style to wear during the cold weather. In winter, leather also works perfectly with other seasonal fabrics such as wool and tweed. The other advantage is that leather doesn’t rub on these sorts of fabrics or create piling on knitwear.

Body Shape and Clothing

Skinny leg, straight leg, paper bag or jogger offerings in leather mean that they can cater to any individual style and let it be known that each of these styles is equally workable and wearable with a t-shirt and sneakers or a blazer and heels.

Personal Style Makeover

Other note worthy but perhaps not so obvious benefits to owning a pair of buttery leather beauties are no crease marks no matter how long wearing them!!! A constant bug bear of mine when sitting at a desk all day. Their timeless nature can’t be underestimated as how many items in your wardrobe currently won’t date? Thats right you read correctly. They are in the same league as a white shirt or a black blazer. Did I mention that they rival the comfort of a track pant as most styles are made using panels seamlessly sewn together and the inner hide of leather by its very nature soft against the skin.

In an age of consumer sentiment around sustainability and the “reuse and recycle” movement, fashion should also be considering with this motto in mind. Leathers are being produced using a by-product of local farming and agriculture industries. The leather is being considered as sustainable as animals are not raised for the express purpose of using their leather for goods. If animal products still aren’t a suitable option there are a range of vegan leathers being creatively made using all things from dried fruit to corn syrup. Either way there are options in eco-friendly styles, which have really elevated and taken artificial leather to the modern pleather around today.

If the heftier price tag of a leather pant is still too daunting right now, consider saving up to invest in a classic closet piece that really will withstand the test of time and fashion trends.

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